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February 2019

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 LPS Rescue - G Rosea

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Eggs With Legs
Eggs With Legs

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Age : 35
Location : Canada

PostSubject: LPS Rescue - G Rosea   Sun 28 Jun 2009, 6:07 am

After I went and saw Transformers II, I stopped at the LPS on the way back home, and saw this G Rosea huddled in the corner of her tank, on a substrate of wood chips. (I saw this same T in there a few months previous, and left tips on the PROPER care of a rosie..they didn't listen). There was a bright light on the tank, two sponges in the water dish, and a few beetles in the tank, a long thin branch for climbing on, and no hide.

Apparently these are conditions their "long time breeder with 10 years experience" instructed them to keep it in.

I took this little waif from them, named her Jo, and picked up a KK and crickets from PetCetera (going out of business, sale on EVERYTHING in the store. I intend to buy their fish tanks when the fish are gone at reduced prices and converting them to T homes), and tomorrow I'll get some substrate for her.

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First Instar
First Instar

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Age : 24
Location : Orlando FL

PostSubject: Re: LPS Rescue - G Rosea   Mon 29 Jun 2009, 12:16 pm

that was really nice of you to do. half of the time pet stores don't even know what they are doing. Hope she is doing good soo far.
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First Instar
First Instar

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Location : Cincinnati, OH

PostSubject: Re: LPS Rescue - G Rosea   Wed 01 Jul 2009, 4:29 am

I sort of did the same thing with my Rose Hair. I can't see why pet stores give such poor care to tarantulas, it's not like they're going to spend more money doing it the right way
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PostSubject: Re: LPS Rescue - G Rosea   

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LPS Rescue - G Rosea
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